Petroleum Science and Technology

Series on Experimental Methodology: Introduction to Experimental Program in Chemical Process Development

  • Author: Xie Minghe et al.
  • Year of Publication: 2015 ;
  • Number of Pages: 109
  • ISBN: 978-7-5183-0552-0
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: Chinese
  • Binding: Paperback
  • PRICE: 36.00
This book is the theoretical summary and practical experience summary of how to plan and conceive experimental programs in the process of chemical process development experiments, especially in enlarged development experiment. This book discusses what experiments should be done in development research (experimental content), how to make the experiments (experimental methods), and how to do a good job in experiments (applying theories to experiments).
Based on research methodology and through discussions on developing experimental programs and the analysis and discussions on methods, theories and cases, this book helps readers to choose the most effective methods among a great number of available methods through applying basic chemical theories and provide useful insights into the establishment and selection of correct research and experimental concepts.
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